How to Fix a Leaking Midmark Autoclave

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If your Autoclave or Ultraclave is leaking.

Midmark M11

We have the answers for you.

There no more need to be frustrated or feel the need to buy an entirely new Autoclave or Ultraclave.

This blog post is for the Midmark models M9, M9D & M11.

If you have a leak in your autoclave or Ultraclave no need to panic! Most likely it can be fixed.

If you notice a small amount of water in the chamber that's normal, you’re okay.


If see you another leak near the door or the front area of the autoclave.

It is most likely the gasket causing the problem.

This means the gasket will need to be replaced.

Fortunately, you won’t have to buy an entire new autoclave.

Just simply have replace it with a new gasket. 

autoclave gasket

Helpful Video for Autoclave Door Gaskets

Find each new autoclave gasket at the best price you can find online for the Midmark M11, M9 and M9D Autoclaves right here in our Autoclave Part section.

- Autoclave Depot Staff

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