How to Take Your Chiropractic Site from Okay to Outstanding

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You are a Chiropractor who has a website, but it just isn’t delivering in the way you want it to. Expectations were high when you or the agency you hired built it. Although when you walk into your waiting room it doesn’t reflect the efforts you put into building your website.

Perhaps your website is just okay. In 2018, okay websites simply won’t thrive anymore. Your website must be outstanding. When patients go onto your website they should know right away that it is for your chiropractic practice, why they are there and what to expect to gain.

If your website is not delivering in the way as it should it is probably just okay or worse. Do you care about the potential results your website can deliver? I am going to say yes because you are still reading. With, read below and learn how to turn your chiropractic site from okay to outstanding.

1.User/Mobile Friendly

It’s 2018 and if your website is not user friendly or mobile friendly patients won’t give your website two seconds. Most internet users are searching the web with their mobile devices. If your website does break down to the mobile phone, then most people will not be able to see your website. This is a huge issue if it is not corrected immediately.

In addition to being mobile friendly it is equally as important that it user friendly. When a patient goes onto your website a child should be able to navigate your website. If they can’t then its too complicated. To avoid this, follow the few steps I am about to reveal. Implementing a clean design and an overall simply to use website experience. Make sure your call to actions and text are easy to understand. Think of yourself as the patient. How do would you like your website experience to be. Think about what other sites that do that you like. What factors or strategies do they use that you find make it easy to find your solution. Then do the same for your website so your patients can have that same outstanding user experience.

2.Define your Branding

Just like any business or entity they have a brand. This is what separates you from your competition. Think of it like “Starbucks” and “Dunkin Donuts. Both coffee store franchise companies have their own individual branding. Dunkin Donuts has their logo, colors and building theme. This is all a part of their branding. The branding is a way for people to identify the quality of the product or service they are about to receive. Generally, when you go to Dunkin Donuts most of the time you can expect the same level of quality when it comes to their coffee and donuts.

Then you have Starbucks. Starbucks is like Dunkin Donuts because they both sell coffee, but Starbucks branded their value to much higher. Do we really know if Starbucks coffee is better or higher quality then Dunkin Donuts? There really is no studies or research that can say there is a difference. Although the consumer perceives Starbucks as a better coffee.

You may ask why is this?

Starbucks branding was designed to perceived of higher value on purpose. From charging more for their coffee, changing the cup size name from large to “venti”, and all their franchise buildings overall appearance.

Now think about your chiropractic’s website and its branding. What do people think and feel about your brand? You should want to set your brand value to be high and distinct from your competitors.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Your website needs to be built to be search engine optimized. Search engine optimization or SEO is how google ranks websites when a search is made. Google developed an algorithm that crawls every website on the internet and ranks them based on their relevancy, credibility and how user friendly they are.

When a patient search for keywords in relations to needed chiropractic services, ideally you want to appear of the front page of Google. If you aren’t then you need to implement SEO as soon as possible.

In many cases you will focus on a specific aspect of SEO called Local or Geographic Search Engine Optimization. This is important because Google’s search engine is smart enough to know when a user is searching for something local vs a general search query. For example, when you type in “Chiropractors nearby” google will display the top three most relevant results in a box called the “local pack.” You must be one of those three links and ideally the first selection. Google picks up on certain keywords searched like “nearby, neighborhood, near me & more” that trigger a local search.

5. Relevant Chiropractic Content

As mentioned in the 4th pillar on “SEO” how your website gets ranked when someone searches for chiropractic services is very important. One of the factors is bounce rate. This means when a patient comes to your website, do they click off right away or do they stay on for a little while? The longer they stay on your website the better. The longer they stay the lower your bounce rate, the shorter they stay the higher your bounce rate. Google will rank your website lower if your bounce rate is high.

There are a few ways outside of what I will describe in this pillar to avoid a high bounce rate. Those are your sites speed and as mentioned in the 1st pillar is your site user & mobile friendly?

A great way to keep patients on your site is give them relevant content to read, listen to or see. This means you should be writing blog posts that are relevant to chiropractic patients. Providing videos that will help them understand why they need your services. Post infographics that will have your patient’s eyes scanning across the screen learning about their ailment and why they need to be treated by you.

Relevant content is great, but it is worth nothing if the content is not good. If patients don’t find value in the content on your site, they will bounce right off. Make sure you are providing your patients with informational content of value that will intrigue them.

6. Chiropractic Website Marketing

If you follow all the steps above, you will have an outstanding site. The only issue is you will have an outstanding site that no one will see. People need to be able to find your website. Search engine optimization as mentioned earlier will certainly help your site rank higher but there is other aspects to SEO that triumph over simple on page SEO. Your website needs to be linked on other websites to be credible to Google. Think of it like a basketball team. The player who gets the ball passed to him most is the most valuable player. The more websites linking to yours, the value of your website will be raised in the rankings.

This must be done properly. There are no short cuts for this. If you try to cheat google by spamming sites, forums or social medias with your websites link your site may get penalized or worse banned from google. The best ways to receive links from other websites is to guest post on other relevant websites and being sure to link back to your website. Also making sure you are on as many social media platforms as possible that you update frequently. You can also join relevant forums or online communities and honestly contribute to their discussions. In these online communities or forums make sure you add a link to your website in the signature and or profile. 

- Autoclave Depot Staff

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