Top 5 Best Selling Autoclave Sterilizers & Accessories

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1. Midmark M9D Ritter Ultraclave Sterilizer

midmark m9d

The Midmark Ritter M9D is one of the best Autoclaves in the market. 

The M9D sells on a daily basis and consistently delivers outstanding quality. 

This is the most popular autoclave.

The Midmark M9D is a best seller.

Take in mind this comes with a manual door.

You will save money vs buying the Midmark M9.

This is why we highly recommend reading further...

Yes, continue reading this is important!

2. Midmark Ritter M11 Ultraclave Sterilizer

Here is another excellent example of the performance power that comes with the Midmark Ritter sterilizers. The M11 Ultraclave by Midmark Ritter! 

This machine is midmark m11within the same Autoclave family as the M9D as they are both produced by Midmark Ritter.

For one reason or the other this one is called an Ultraclave. 

This is probably related to marketing but none the less there are key differences between this sterilizer and the M9D. 

The main difference is the size! 

The Midmark M11 is BIGGER! 

Need to clean more medical instruments?

Are your medical supplies BIG?

Then get the Midmark M11. 

With a 11" diameter and 18" depth chamber.

You can fill up to 6.5 gallons of usable volume. 

Carrying an entire 3+ gallons than the M9D

This is what you should go with if you need to clean more tools and or larger supplies.

The thing about Autoclaves or Ultraclave's or however they are named is that they need to be maintained. 

In case they begin to leak, don't panic!

Be sure not to waste your money buying a new autoclave sterilizer all together.

Just read this article How To Fix Leaking Midmark Autoclave

Your welcome

You might ask. 

"Hey! Is there other things needed to keep my Autoclave in it's best shape?" 

Well I am glad you asked because there is. 

Just look below!

3. Midmark Speed Clean for Automatic Sterilizers

Believe it or not. 

The same thing that cleans your medical supplies,needs to be cleaned as well! cleaner.jpg

Who would of guessed it? 

Well in a way you did. 

Or did you? 

To be honest I don't know, but what I do know is that if you want your Midmark Autoclave to be clean, this is a must for you.

As this product was specifically made to do such a job. 

You will not find a better cleaner for your Midmark Autoclave.

p.s. you wont find a better price anywhere either.

Just take a quick look at the product while you here. 

Anyway this is a MUST if you own an autoclave.

Thank you for still reading! 

More valuable information is yet to be read! 

Don't miss out on it! 

I already know you don't want to lose out on what you will gain by reading this. 

That just wouldn't be you!

4. Tuttnauer 1730 Valueclave Autoclave

Here is Midmark's competition! Tuttnauer

They even have a fancy marketing name tutt 1730.jpgas well, the "Valueclave".

"Hello Ultraclave nice to meet you but do you bring the Value like I do?" - Tuttnauer 1730 Valueclave.

The Tuttnauer is a fine machine and one the best Autoclaves out there. 

Just because it is ranked 4th does not make it any less valuable then the Midmark's. 

Midmark's just happens to sell more to doctors and physicians.

This will clean your medical supplies with excellence, we guarantee it ;)

5. All American 75X - 41 Quart Electric Pressure Sterilizer

This is  for medical professionals who are looking for efficient sterilization. 


This American sterilizer is best suitable for dental, medical, veterinary, laboratories, health and cosmetic applications.

This stainless steel 41 quart electric sterilizer is also made in the U.S.A! 

With an extra large 41 qt / 39 liter capacity this will sure be an efficient medical equipment addition to your medical office or clinic.

The All American Pressure Sterilizer "brand" dose not end with this machine as there are many more. 

One of which is the 25X version. 

The reason why the 75X triumphs over the 25X is that the All American 75X - 41 Quart Electric. 

Pressure Sterilizer has a total greater capacity by 64%! 

This is sure to make a noticeable difference if need be.

By the way, click the image for the best price online.

- Autoclave Depot Staff

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