What To Do With Your Broken or Used Autoclave?

Do you want to earn between $150 or $700?

If YES, you’re in luck!

Within this valuable informational article, you will gain insight on what to do with your broken or used autoclave.

The first and foremost step you need to take is navigating to Autoclave Depot’s trade in page found right here On this page you will find a quick and easy 7- question form to fill out that will only take you minutes to do! 

There are a few bits of information we will need from you like:

Brand Name – Model Name – Serial Number

If you are looking to find this information on your autoclave let us guide you. Usually you can find this information on the back panel of your autoclave.

Much like the human finger print every autoclave has unique aspects to identify the exact make and model. For example, a Midmark M11 serial number is V12345 or a Tuttnauer 1730 serial number is ABCD.

We also need to know what is wrong with your autoclave, error code, doesn’t turn on or simply looking to upgrade. All autoclaves are checked and tested upon arrival. In the event an item is not as describe you not receive any compensation. 

Remember! ALWAYS be one hundred percent honest when detailing what is wrong with your autoclave sterilizer. The reason why is because if you are not 100% accurate it will end up costing you money.

If you are looking to trade in your autoclave sterilizer unless you are looking to purchase a new one you will have to cover the cost of shipping. For example, does your autoclave have a leak and if so how big of a leak is it. 

If your autoclave sterilizer is smoking, make to describe in detail how much of it smoking. Let us know if your autoclave does not turn on or is just straight up broken beyond repair.

Remember to be as descriptive as possible when describing what is wrong with your autoclave. This will save you time and money by doing so. With Autoclave Depot you can earn anywhere between one hundred and fifty dollars to as high seven hundred dollars.

This is a great opportunity for you to cash in on your used autoclave to make it more affordable for yourself to buy a new sterilizer. Overall what you should take away from this blog post is piece of mind. 

At Autoclave Depot we are the #1 experts in the autoclave sterilization industry. We love autoclaves and are working with them countless hours a day.  

As much as we love autoclaves we love our customers and the end users the autoclaves are going to serving. To us it is so important that your autoclave is not broken or not functioning properly in any way because this can only be bad for the health your medical patients. 

Also even more so you will feel terrible about being careless by not purchasing a new autoclave when needed. Or taking the cheap route in buying from an unauthorized dealer.

As you should already know we at Autoclave Depot are a proud authorized dealer and only sell original manufacturer parts! 

With this being said we have your best interest in mind. This is why we offer a trade in program so you can save money on your next brand new autoclave purchase.

If you still need further assistance, please feel free to contact us during our business hours from 9:00AM to 5:00PM eastern standard time.

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