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  • Midmark M9D Ultraclave Automatic Sterilizer
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  • Midmark M9D Ultraclave Automatic Sterilizer
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Midmark M9D Ultraclave Sterilizer - Manual Door

Warranty: 1 Year (ask me how to get an extra year for FREE)

Manufacturer: Midmark | Manufacturer Part #: M9D-022

FREE SHIPPING: Within the continental United States.


The Midmark M9D Ultraclave Sterilizer was engineered & developed by Midmark Ritter to provide an effective sterilization for medical instruments. The Midmark M9D is simple to use and meets most medical professional sterilization needs. Sterilize your medical supplies fast and easy. Once you sterilization cycle is complete simply open the manual door to give your medical supplies a quick drying time. The Midmark M9D is the most popular autoclave sterilizer from the Midmark Corporation. Purchase this autoclave for sale.

Select your cycle and the time is set for you. Press “Start” and the M9D fills with the correct amount of water. Once the sterilization process is complete, the door opens automatically. The Midmark Ritter M9D Sterilizer packs all the reliable sterilizing strength you want right into a compact unit ideal for areas with confined area. With our robust historical past of excellent, price and reliability, you can’t move incorrect with the Midmark Ritter M9D. This is the superior autoclave machine. We offer the best prices for the midmark m9d autoclave parts. Autoclave Depot is an Authorized Dealer.  Best Price from an Authorized Dealer!

Technical Specifications:

  • Total Size: 20.4" Length, 15.3" Width, 15.8" Height
  • Chamber Size: 9" Diameter, 15" Depth, 3.5 Gallons (13.25 Liters)
  • 2 Trays: 
    • 2 Large 7.3" Width x 12" Length x 0.8" Diameter 
    • 2 Small 5.6" W x 12" Length x .8" Diameter
  • IMS Cassette: 2 Full
  • Cycle Time: 14-19 Minutes
  • Door Type: Manual
  • Voltage: 115V 50/60Hz
  • Unit Weight: 73 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 81 lbs
  • Temperature Range:
    • 250°F - 230°F
    • 121°C - 134°C
  • Water Reservoir Capacity: 1.1 Gallons (4.1 liters) 

Midmark M9D's Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is the Difference between the M9D & M9 Autoclave?

Answer: The only difference is that the M9D contains a manual door & the Midmark M9 has an automatic door. With the M9D as soon as the sterilization process is complete the user must manually open the door to release the hot steam in the autoclave.

Question: Do You Sell to Dental Professionals? 

Answer: As an authorized dealer for Midmark, we are not allowed to sell specifically the Midmark M9D to dental professionals. We do an address check on every order to make sure it is not dental. If you do place an order anyway, and we fail to see it, please note that Midmark will only covers parts and not​ labor.

Question: Why Do I Have To Add to Cart to See the Pricing?

Answer: All Authorized Dealers are not allowed to list the retail price for the Midmark M9D on their website unless you add the item to cart for check out. Any other online medical equipment store that displays the retail price upfront is NOT an authorized dealer. 

Midmark Autoclave Comparison Chart: 

Model Name Total Size Chamber Size Trays IMS Cassette Cycle Time Door Type Voltage  Weight 
Midmark M9 20.4" L, 15.3"W, 15.8"H

9" Dia,

15" Depth,

3.5 Gal (13.25L)

2 Large & 2 Small 2 Full 14-19 Minutes Automatic 115V 50/60Hz 81 lbs
Midmark M9D 20.4" L, 15.3"W, 15.8"H

9" Dia,

15" Depth,

3.5 Gal (13.25L)

2 Large & 2 Small 2 Full 14-19 Minutes Manual 115V 50/60Hz 81 lbs
Midmark M11 23.8" L, 17.8"W, 17.8" H

11" Dia,

18" Depth,

6.5 Gal (24.5L)

2 Large & 2 Small 4 Full 18-28 Minutes Automatic 115V 50/60Hz 131 lbs


All of our products are a genuine OEM product by Midmark. 

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