refurbished autoclave

Our Refurbished Autoclave 100% Quality Guaranteed Process

We only sell certified refurbished autoclaves. There is a specialized process takes place whenever a refurbished autoclave is purchased. We would like you to know the process that goes into your autoclave as well as when you can expect your item(s).

Once a refurbished item is bought, it is put into the queue for a full inspection and cleaning. This is a thorough process - both inside and out. We then run multiple cycles to ensure that your unit arrives fully functional and ready to go.

If for any reason a unit fails inspection or fails to complete a cycle successfully, our trained technicians will repair the unit and run more cycles to make sure your autoclave is up to our impeccable standards.

Because of this rigorous process, and our perfectionist attitude, please note your autoclave may take 5-10 business days before shipment. If you do need a unit right away, consider buying a new autoclave (which ship much faster) OR giving our friendly agents a call at (800) 510-8546.